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Ludo+: Play without any limit


Play by free

How to be a Ludo+ user


Ludo+: Play without any limit

The Ludo+ subscription gives the option to play without any kind of limitation: all the games with no time limits, and all the tornaments.


Play by free

However, there is no need to be subscribed to enjoy Ludoteka, because all players can:

  • Play always promoted games: there are daily several games (the less 31 played games in the previous days), that may be played without any restriction.
  • Play not promoted games for 30 minutes every day.
  • Take part in free tournaments.
With Ludo+Without Ludo+


Promoted games Promoted games

All the games

30' every day




The account of the 30 daily minutes is done according to the following rules:

  • Once a game is started it may be ended, even if the accumulated time is over the daily limit.
  • Nicks using the same IP address or computer are counted as if it were the same player.
  • The time is discounted only while games are being played.
  • The restriction affects only to the option to play, but you can chat or watch games anyway you want.
  • New players lose the option to use this free time if they don´t validate their email address during the first month since they are registered.

How to be a Ludo+ user

Alternatives to get Ludo+ subscription:

  • Pay through any of the payment methods offered. Just go to your account to make it, or get the necessary information about the available payment methods.
  • Players who live in Spain may send SMS messeges as an additional payment method.
  • Presents: Ludo+ users may give to other players part of their time to play or subscription. You can play with this option to obtain several cheaper short subscriptions or allow to any user the use of Ludo+ subscription for a brief period. The Ludo+ subscription time that gives when registering can´t be given. Presents may be made also from your subscription page.
  • Prizes: most tournaments are prized with Ludo+ subscription for the winners and finalists..
  • When one player who has an active Ludo+ subscription does not make use of the system during a long period of time (one week at least), automatically recovers half of the unused period.


Theese table shows the current Ludo+ subscription prices and the available payment methods for each period:

Ludo+ subscription
Payment modeSumTime
Credit/debit card, Paypal1 €12 days
2 €1 month
4 €2 months
7 €4 months
10 €6 months
17 €1 year
Bank transfer10 €6 months
17 €1 year
Telephone Call (Spain)1.45 € desde fijo
2.00 € desde móvil
(impuestos incluídos)
16 days
SMS (Spain)1.45 € (impuestos incluídos)14 days

1 € = 1,09 $(USD)


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