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6. Ludomail

Ludomail is a tool that gives the option to get in touch between players without being simultaneously in the game zone; there is no need to know the email.

It may be useful to meet with your friends or some other players in Ludoteka that you haven´t seen long time ago, ...

Here are some conditions about the use:

  • Messages may be readed from the web site inmediately when the player is identified.
  • The recipient has the option to delete the messages at any moment, but they will be deleted in any case one month after the sending.
  • It is possible to configure the option to receive one copy by email of the received messages, disable the option to receive any message from any player, or just restrict it to favourite players. You can change this options from the registration details page.
  • Every message may be sent up to 20 players. Before sending, Ludoteka tells if the recipient (or each of them) is ready to receive the message.
  • There are several conditions to make possible the delivery: the recipient must be a registered player that allows receiving Ludomail messages from the trasmitter.
  • Every player may send up to 40 messages every day.
  • Ludoteka could prevent the use of this tool to players who don´t use it properly, bothering or upseting some other players.

Ludoteka will also use Ludomail to get in touch with any player or group of players whenever it is necessary to give any particular information.


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